TechFeet: The sports footwear and custom orthotic specialist


TechFeet is a part of Coyoti Ski & Snowboard in Cowbridge, South Wales.
Using state of the art pressure plate technology and gait analysis we provide an accurate assessment of how your foot works during movement, this information is then used to manufacture a custom orthotic specific to your needs. 


We have been manufacturing custom orthotics for a wide range of sports for over 10 years. Our friendly technicians are highly trained and have diverse backgrounds, working and competing at the highest level of various sports. All this experience and knowledge means you’re in safe hands. 
To aid with our assessment we use RS Scan, a state of the art pressure footscan system. This takes precise plantar pressure measurements using 4096 sensors at a rate of 300 measurements per second. This then allows us to create a 3D image of your foot for greater assessment. 


It's widely agreed that many problems relating to the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back can be traced back to irregular movements of the foot. Our custom orthotics help to rectify these irregularities by supporting your foot during movement. This will reduce the stress on your ligaments, joints and muscles. 

Custom orthotics are not just for pre-existing conditions, they can aid athletes of all levels, be it greater shock absorption and injury prevention whilst running, applying more power whilst cycling or having greater control whilst skiing. 

Custom orthotics are also a great idea if you spend your working days on your feet. A custom orthotic and correct footwear can lead to better posture and a healthier spine. 


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We offer a four stage fitting process to help ensure that perfect fit.

Stage 1: Biomechanical Analysis

We analyse your gait and biomechanics, through evaluation of your feet and lower body movement. We then evaluate and identify movement patterns which enables us to identify likely problems that may lead to recurring injuries, discomfort and inhibited performance.

Stage 2: Computer Aided Foot Scan

We take static and dynamic foot scans that create a 3D computerised image of your feet. Then we examine and analyse the forces placed through your feet to help you choose the correct footwear and manufacture custom orthotics needed for increased support.

Stage 3: Custom Sports Orthotics

We take a custom moulding of each foot, made using silicon vacuum technology. A TechFeet technician then manufactures custom orthotics specific to your needs whilst you wait. We manufacture a wide range of unique orthotics for most sports from flexible running ones to rigid skiing orthotics all of which cushion impact, stabilise, guide your feet and evenly distributing pressure.


Stage 4: The Correct Footwear

We have an wide range of footwear for several sports in store. Our highly trained technicians will use all the information gathered above to select the right footwear for you depending on your sport, participation level, foot shape, foot type and biomechanical movement. If you already have your own footwear we can assess those and can manufacture and fit a custom orthotic to these as well. If fitting to preexisting footwear we recommend that you have done less than 50 miles in them.



All custom orthotics are manufactured in store by one of our highly trained technicians.

Using silicon vacuum technology an imprint of your foot in correct alignment is taken. This imprint is then used to mould a sports specific orthotic, giving you the support where needed.

Once it has cooled and hardened it is trimmed, shaped to fit your footwear and tested, the technician will check that it is working correctly. 


MOT (approx 15 mins)

Is your current sports footwear right for you?

We will look at your current sports footwear and perform a foot and lower body assessment which will enable us to advise you if you are wearing the correct size and type of sports footwear and whether sports orthotics could help you

This service is FREE

LEVEL 1 (approx 30 mins)

Sports Footwear fitting service and Biomechanical Analysis

Whilst we specialise in more detailed assessments, our Techfeet technicians offer a sports footwear FIT and Biomechanical Analysis that is second to none

FREE with any sports footwear purchased (orthotics are extra)

LEVEL  2 (approx 60 mins)

Full 4 Stage fitting service with CUSTOM Orthotics

Our most popular service. This involves Biomechanical Analysis, Computer Aided Foot Scanning and the manufacture and fit of custom sports orthotics together with the recommendation and fit of the correct footwear.

We recommend this level to those who want improved comfort and performance from their sports footwear and for those with injuries or previous fitting issues.

£89.99 which includes Custom Sports Orthotics 


All custom sports orthotics services are by appointment, please ring 01446 775 778, or click here to book an appointment.