Stand Up Paddle Boarding

So what is stand up paddleboarding or SUPing?
Stand-up paddleboarding or SUPing is a sports activity carries out on water where the perticipant stands on top of a large surf style board either rigged or inflatable and uses a paddle to move through the water, it is one of the fastest growing water sports activities in the UK today.

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Stand-up paddleboarding can be traced back to Africa, South America, and the ancient Polynesian cultures, historians believe that wooden paddleboards were used by 16th-century locals to help move either them selfes or food from one place to another, maybe even to catch waves for fun.

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So why should I take up stand up paddle boarding?
Stand up paddle boarding  or SUPing can offer a fun and enjoyable way to play on the water, while also having the added benefit of a full-body workout. As the partisipant stands up on the board it also gives them a unique vantage point great for seeing everything around you from a very uniqu vantage point. 

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Why is stand up paddle boarding so popular?
Stand up paddle boarding has been prooven to increase calories consumption and is a great form of exercise, if you are tying to lose weight. It also helps improve your core strength and conditioning.

How hard is stand up paddle boarding?
People of all ages and fitness levels can easyly take up paddle boarding they can start enjoying them selves after just a few hours with proper instruction. Not only is paddle boarding easy to learn but it’s fun.

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How to start Stand Up Paddle Boarding?
Firsrtly try renting a large beginners type of stand up paddle board as they will offer the best form of stability and will be great fun and make learning easier.

It is always better to find somewhere calm and with flatwater, somewhere like a lake or inland water area, a nice carlm day at the cost is OK but check your local tide's and when the tied is on the way in is best.

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