Techfeet Custom Skiing Orthotics

Why use Custom Orthotics in your Ski Boots?

There are three main reasons to use custom orthotics in your ski boots: 

  • To stabilise the foot. When you are walking your feet are constantly changing shape, you might overpronate, supinate or your arches might collapse. In a rigid ski boot this can lead to issues such as abnormal pressures or hot spots in your ski boots. A supported foot will sit correctly in the shell of our boot, eliminating any potential discomfort. 

  • To improve alignment. Using custom orthotics your foot is held in a neutral position and this leads to correct alignment throughout your lower body, from your feet, to ankles, knees and lower back. The effects of this are two-fold. Firstly you will be less prone to injury and fatigue, particularly to your knees. Secondly your lower body is in a stronger position, allowing you to apply greater forces to the correct areas of your skis.

  • To improve pressure distribution. A custom orthotic is completely unique to your foot and this creates the best base of support for your body. Your weight will be spread evenly across your whole foot, reducing any possible discomfort and fatigue in your feet. The custom orthotic increases the contact area between your foot and boot, increasing sensory feedback.

Correctly fitted footwear

We stock a wide range of ski boots in store and your technician will be happy to help you find the correct boots for you. If you already have a pair of ski boots then your technician will inspect your boots and advise if they are suitable for use with a custom skiing orthotic. If fitting to preexisting footwear we recommend that you have done less than 50 miles in them.


We offer a four stage fitting process to help ensure that perfect fit.

Stage 1: Biomechanical Analysis

We analyse your gait and biomechanics, through evaluation of your feet and lower body movement. We then evaluate and identify movement patterns which enables us to identify likely problems that may lead to recurring injuries, discomfort and inhibited performance.

Stage 2: Computer Aided Foot Scan

We take static and dynamic foot scans that create a 3D computerised image of your feet. Then we examine and analyse the forces placed through your feet to help you choose the correct footwear and manufacture custom orthotics needed for increased support.

Stage 3: Custom Sports Orthotics

We take a custom moulding of each foot, made using silicon vacuum technology. A TechFeet technician then manufactures custom orthotics specific to your needs whilst you wait. We manufacture a wide range of unique orthotics for most sports from flexible running ones to rigid skiing orthotics all of which cushion impact, stabilise, guide your feet and evenly distributing pressure.


Stage 4: The Correct Footwear

We have an wide range of footwear for several sports in store. Our highly trained technicians will use all the information gathered above to select the right footwear for you depending on your sport, participation level, foot shape, foot type and biomechanical movement. If you already have your own footwear we can assess those and can manufacture and fit a custom orthotic to these as well. If fitting to preexisting footwear we recommend that you have done less than 50 miles in them.


All custom orthotics are manufactured in store by one of our highly trained staff. The analysis and manufacture of a custom orthotic takes around 1 hour and is a while you wait service. 

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All custom sports orthotics services are by appointment, please ring 01446 775 778, or click here to book an appointment.