Coyoti Ski and Snowboard Boot Comfort Guarantee

When you visit Coyoti ski and snowboard we always strive to offer you the very best ski or snowboard boot fitting service, however if you are not satisfied with your new ski or snowboard boots then we offer our Comfort Guarantee.

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 You Must Have : 

  • Worn your new ski or snowboard boots with footbeds at home doing the prescribed exercises as much as possible before you go skiing, we recommend between 8 and 10 hours. 
  • We advice you break this into 30min periods for 4 nights over 3 weeks, this should be done as close to the day you purchased as possible. 
  • If you're not 100% happy with them once you have worn them for this period return them to store. 
  • Any problems you feel at home will only get worse when you ski or snowboard so don't risk it.  
  • You have up to 28 days (from date of purchase) to exchange them for a new pair.
  • You MUST do this before you go on holiday.  

NB Once you have been on holiday if you have any problems please contact a member of our boot fitting team, they will be more than happy to book you in for a refit.


To be eligible for our Ski Boot or Snowboard Boot Comfort Guarantee: 

  • You must have taken all advice given to you by one of our ski or snowboard boot technicians, on the boot size, width, type and specifications.
  • Our ski or snowboard boot comfort guarantee is only valid if you have followed the steps above. 
  • You must have purchased both custom sports specific orthotics and ski or snowboard boots from Coyoti ski and had them fitted by one of our trained ski or snowboard boot technicians. 
  • Must have a technical ski sock approved by an a Coyoti Bootfitter. If you already own ski socks then make sure to bring them with you as these may be suitable.
  • This Comfort Guarantee is only valid for 12 months from the date of original purchase. Any charges for services or products bought with or in addition to your ski or snowboard boots are not covered under our Comfort Guarantee.
  • Proof of purchase will always need to be shown.
  • Any ski or snowboard boots will be exempt from our Comfort Guarantee if they have been unreasonably worn, damaged or abused, have been modified or altered in any way by anyone other than a Coyoti ski or snowboard boot technician.
  • Our Comfort Guarantee is only valid for the fit of your ski or snowboard boots and does not cover general wear and tear, changes to your requirement, performance, ability or changes in your foot shape or size.
  • Sale boots are not eligible for our Comfort Guarantee.
    Our Comfort Guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights laid out under the Sale of Goods Act.