Cookie Policy

We use Cookies for a variety of reasons helping improve your online experience, when using our online shopping cart, you may place an item in your shopping basket, a cookie will make sure that the item stays in your basket as you move from page to page, and then on to the checkout.

Other ways we make our online service easier to use include using cookies that:

• Make login faster by remembering your customer details.

• Make the page load quickly by sharing the workload across computers.

• Make sure our pages are optimised for your browser or device by giving us technical information about the device or browser you are using.

What Are Cookies?

They are small files which are placed on your computer or device's hard drive. They make certain features of a website possible, such as sharing content with friends on social networks or allowing us to improve, both your user experience and the experience of others, by monitoring how the website is navigated.

To learn how to disable cookies on your preferred browser we recommend reading this article written for Google.