Salomon Icon LT Visor Sigma Helmet Black in Small is a low-profile, stylish visor helmet designed to fit women so well you instantly forget you are wearing it. Cutting-edge technologies ensure this helmet fits perfectly over your glasses and offers outstanding protection without compromising your hearing or adding unnecessary weight to your head. Put it on and instantly feel comfortable and safe.

All Salomon lenses filter 100% of the sun's UV rays, for complete eye protection. Removable and changeable visor.

Engineered to combine the most up-to-date visor technologies with state of the art comfort into a mere 430 g of weight, this helmet brings convenience to a whole new level.

Optimal comfort
The MaxFit construction located around the ear pads offers instant comfort and better-quality hearing, simply twist the Custom Dial knob and further fine-tune the tightness.

Stylish, performance-inspired look
A low profile, integrated visor make this helmet the perfect match to your ski equipment, so you can feel good and look good on the slopes.


Salomon Icon LT Visor Sigma Helmet Black in Small

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