The Tahe 11'0" Breeze Wing style 107196, The Breeze series is a step up from the Beach series and feature lighter weight, higher performance designs. Made with ACE-TEC, they are light AND durable.

The Tahe Breeze wing 11'0" Inflatable board packages include
1 x Tahe Breeze Wing Board in 11'0"
1 x Adjustable Paddle
1 x Hi-Pressure Pump/Gauge
1 x Carry-All Backpack and Repair Kit

The Tahe Breeze inflatables feature high-density stringers on deck and hull for less flex and improved glide. Breeze Cross models are versatile, stable and perfect for fitness, families, yoga, fishing, and just about any other SUP activity. A unique keeled nose shape helps them cut easily through choppy water.

The 11’ WING shapes are more suited to distance/excursion or fitness paddling thanks to longer water lines and a narrower width to increase speed.

 Board is 11'0" x 32.0" or 335 x 81cm

Weight is 23lbs or 10.4kg - Has 305L of volume.

Max Rider Weight 220lbs or 100kg


Tahe 11'0" Breeze Wing Stand up paddle board style 107196

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