When you cycle all your force and power is transferred through a relatively small and unstable area of your foot, the fore foot. If you have an instability in your foot such as overprotation or supination your foot will collapse inward or outwards during pedalling, wasting energy and causing misalignment in the lower body. This misalignment can lead to knee issues such as patellae mal-tracking, along with a loss in performance. 

A custom cycling orthotic will stabilise your foot, keeping your lower leg in correct alignment, reducing the chance of injury whilst allowing you to transmit greater power from your foot to your bike. 

Our cycling specific orthotics feature Transflux reinforcement for support and greater energy transfer, an alcantara topcover and a frontfoot pad to give excellent vibration absorption.

Whether your a road, track or trail cyclist you'll notice the performance and comfort increase a custom orthotic gives.

The analysis and manufacture of a custom orthotic takes around 1 hour and is a while you wait service. 


TechFeet Bike Ultra Custom Footbeds

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