Why is Graphene used in Head skis and ski boots

Is a material that only Head has the licence to use in the ski industry, they are using Graphene more and more in their products, you’ll find it in nearly all of their skis and ski boots, but what is it and how is it improving their products?


Discovered in 2004 by two scientists from the University of Manchester, England, graphene is one of the most incredible materials known to man, a layer of carbon atoms bonded together in repeating hexagonal shapes. This layer is only a single atom thick, making it one million times thinner than paper, but still exceptionally strong, around 100 times stronger than steel.

Graphene structure

To begin with, the creation of graphene was extremely expensive but Head saw the potential of the material and in 2014 introduced it into their Total Joy series of women’s skis. Over the last decade production costs have decreased and Head have begun introducing graphene into almost all of their skis. 

With graphene being such a lightweight yet strong material Head has been able to remove additional layers of titanium from their skis. This has culminated in the creation of the KORE series of skis from Head. The KORE’s are an extremely lightweight ski which features graphene fused into the tip and tail of the ski, allowing for a thinner profile which means effortless floatation in soft snow whilst retaining firm snow skiing ability. 

Head KORE series

In Head’s Supershape series of skis, graphene has been used predominantly in the center of the ski to reduce the thickness of the center and move material to the tip and tail. This means there is easier edge engagement and quicker edge-to-edge changes.

Head Supershape I.Magnum

Not only have Head’s skis benefited from graphene, but the material is also used in their boots. By infusing plastic with graphene Head have been able to produce ski boots which are significantly lighter, whilst still retaining their strength and durability. Try picking up a pair of Head Nexo boots when you’re next in store and you’ll feel the difference straight away. 

Head Nexo Ski Boots

What all of this use of weight saving graphene means is that you have to use less energy controlling and turning your skis, this saved energy can be used to ski harder, faster and longer, making your trip away more enjoyable.

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