What to expect at your ski boot fitting


Book ahead, we’ll set aside a boot technician for you for as long as it takes to find you the right boots. Here at Coyoti we don’t believe in rushing, so give yourself about an hour to an hour and a half for the fitting.

Make sure you wear loose fitting trousers that are easy to roll up. This’ll make getting ski boots on and off much easier.

If you’ve had ski boots previously then bring the old ones with you. This will allow our technicians to see what you’ve been used to and have a good chat about what you’ve liked/disliked about the boots.

Bring your favourite ski socks with you. Ideally thin, anatomically shaped socks, we’ll be doing our measurements and having you try ski boots on whilst wearing them. Don’t worry if you don’t have any, we have socks in store and can help you select the right sock.

Remember everyone’s feet are different, so keep an open mind regarding styles and brands. Try not to read too many reviews or listen to your friends, remember what’s right for them possibly won't be for you.


Our technician will start by introducing themselves and have you complete our ski boot fitting form. The form asks a series of questions regarding your basic personal information, any injuries you’ve had, your skiing ability, how frequently you ski and what you’re looking to get from your ski boots. When you’re filling this out and chatting to our technicians be as honest as possible about your ability.

Type of fit. You’ll notice the fitting form asks you what type of fit you’re looking for, comfort or performance, but what does this mean?

  • With a Comfort fit when you stand up and your legs are straight your toes should just touch the end of the boot, when you flex at the ankle and bend the knees then your toes should just pull away from the end of the boot. Remember with use the liner of your boot will pack out so you won't want to be going any bigger than this
  • Performance fit will be slightly tighter. When you stand up and your legs are straight your toes should be touching the end of the boot, when your flex and the ankle and bend the knees then your toes will be barely touching the end of the boot.

Roll your trousers up, take off your regular socks and put your ski socks on. We’re now ready to start taking measurements of your foot.

Our technician will measure your feet, they’ll do this twice, un-weighted (sitting) and then weighted (standing). They’ll measure the length and width of your foot and look at the instep and arch of your foot. Lastly, they’ll have a look at the alignment of your lower leg and foot. All the while they’ll be asking questions about your skiing background so they get a good idea of what kind of boot will be most suitable for you.

Sitting measurement-ski boot fitting-coyoti skiStanding measurement-ski boot fitting-coyoti ski


To begin with they’ll perform a shell check. This check allows the technician to make sure the boot will be suitable before you get your feet in them, remember once your foot is in the liner and shell it's impossible for the technician to see what's going on. The technician will remove the liner from the shell and have you stand in just the boot shell. You’ll then be asked to move your foot so your toes are just touching the end of the shell. The technician will then look to see how much room there is in the back of the boot. More room for a comfort fit, less for a performance fit.

Shell check-ski boot fitting-coyoti ski


Now it’s time to get the boots on your feet.  You’ll have different boots on each foot, this will allow you to compare and contrast between the two boots. The technician will ask you to hit the heel of the boot firmly on the ground, this is important as it correctly situates the foot. Then the technician will do the buckles and powerstrap up.

Doing boots up-ski boot fitting-coyoti ski


With the boots on your feet, it’s time to stand up and see how they fit. What you’re looking for is no pressure points, the boot should feel like its hugging your foot whilst leaving your toes some room to wiggle. When you flex forward in the boot your heel should stay locked and not lift (remember if you try and stand on your toes your heel will lift as your foot is more flexible than a ski boot). The technician can’t feel or see what’s going on inside the boot, so remember to tell them what your feeling.

The technician will always try more than one boot on with you. The best fitting boot stays on your foot and then we’ll try the new boot on. Winner stays on. Once you’re happy with the boot then it’s important you try both on, remember no two feet are identical.

Testing fit-ski boot fitting-coyoti ski


The fit isn’t over yet. Once we’ve found the right boot for you we’ll talk to you about footbeds, the standard footbeds that come with the boots are flat and offer no support. We offer two types in-store, Superfeet pre-moulded footbeds and Sidas custom-moulded footbeds. These are an additional extra but offer better support and hold for your foot so that you can ski better and with less foot fatigue.

Footbed explaination-ski boot fitting-coyoti ski


Our technician will make any final adjustments and start the heating molding customization process. This is your chance to stretch your legs and have a look around the rest of the store.

Now it’s time to get your boots on again. The technician will do your buckles up (they’ll be very hot) and have you perform some exercises for around 10 minutes to customize the boots to your feet. And then you’re all done.



You might think that the fitting process is over once you leave the store, but just like any footwear, ski boots take time to bend in. We have you wear your boots for around 8 hours at home, our technician will give you some exercises to do. If you notice any hotspots or issues with the boots during this time then give us a call and come back into the store so we can take a look, often it’ll just be a small adjustment.

If you’ve used your boots and they’re not feeling quite right then don’t be afraid to give us a call and come back into the store so we can get them right for you. Depending on the circumstance there might be a charge for adjustments.


For further information click here, or to arrange a time for a boot fit call us on 01446 775 778.

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