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Our Ski Boot Fitting Services

The optimum fit for a pair of ski boot is never achieved just off the shelf, one of our trained ski boot technicians will guide you through our extensive range of ski boot, measure and analyse your feet then carry out and customization necessary to achieve the perfect fit. For those customers who need it we offer an extensive range of correctional foot bed

* NB. We would ask you to think about the kind of trouser you wear when coming to have your ski boots fitted, they should be loose fitting; you should be able to roll them above the knee. If you have a favourite pair of ski socks then please bring them along as well.
Ski Boot Fitting Page Information
  • Ski Boot MOT
  • Ski Boot M.O.T : If your current ski boots are not right for you, one of our trained ski boot technicians will take a look at them. We will carry out a foot and lower body assessment this enables us to advise you on what might be the problem.

    If you are wearing the correct size, style, type of ski boot and could we improve the fit by using Specific Ski Orthotics. 

    The aimed of this service is to help existing ski boot diagnose particular issues with their current ski boots. 

    Please book an appointment before hand by rining 01446 775778, the duration of this service is 15 min. 

    This service is FREE  but additional costs may be required

    * Ski Specific Orthotics range from   £35 - £149

    * Our range of Ski boots vary between £150 -£360

    * Ski Boot shell stretching service starts at £30

    * Ski Boot Liner Moulding Starts at £40

    * Ski Boot Shell Moulding starts at £70

  • We always strive to offer the very best in ski boot fitting, however if you are not satisfied with our ski or snowboard fit then we offer our Coyoti Comfort Guarantee:

    To be eligible for our Comfort Guarantee you must have take all advise give by one our our ski boot technicians on the boot size, width, type and specifications. 

    For further information on our Ski Boot Comfort Guarantee (click here)
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  • Ski Boot Level 1 : Our Ski Boot Technicians offer a Ski Boot FIT and Biomechanical Analysis service that is second to none. This service is aimed towards a first time ski boot buyers, someone who has not had problems with hire boots, where comfort is their main priority.

    Please ring 01447 775778 to make an appointment, the duration of this service is 30 min.

    This service is FREE with all Ski Boots Purchased in-store and includes : 

    * The collection of information gathered by one of our ski boot technicians about your skiing ability and experience, please tell us the real story as our ski boot technicians can only help you if they know the truth. 

    * Your feet will be measured.

    * Advice will be given on the best style of ski boots for you.

    * Personalisation of your chosen ski boot will be carried out (if or where applicable), according to manufacturer's specification.

    Additional services and costs:

    * Sports Orthotics range from   £35 - £149

    * Our Ski boots vary between £150 -£360
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  • Ski Boot Level 2 : Our most popular ski boot fitting service is aimed towards skiers of all age and abilities. Designed around our custome 4 stage fitting service. This is for customers looking to obtain comfort and/or increased performance through a precise ski boot fit.

    Please ring before on 01446 775778 to book an appointment, the duration of this service is approx. 60 min.

    This Service is £149 and will included our 4 stage fitting service and a pair of FREE Ski Custom Orthotics.  

    * Information will be gathered about your skiing experience.

    * We will assess your feet using our advanced foot scanning system, this accurately measure the individual pressures and force distribution of your feet. 

    * A biomechanics assessment of your lower leg, ankle and feet will be carried out.

    * Advice will be given on the best style of ski boots for you.

    * A pair of sports Specific Custom Orthotics will be made for you.

    * Customisation on your preferred ski boot will be carried out according to manufacturer's specification.
    * Our Ski Boot Comfort Guarantee

    Additional services and costs

    * Our Ski boots vary between £150 -£360

    * If you require upgrading to our Level 3 service (+£40)