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The Tahe SUP-YAK Air 10'6" Beach style107233, The Beach inflatable packages come with just about everything you need for a day on the water. Rugged and lightweight for ease of transport and travel. High-pressure drop-stitch construction for rigidity and performance. is where the Adventure Begins. The Beach paddleboards are ideal for learning and progressing, ensuring a great ride from your very first paddle strokes.

The Tahe SUP-YAK Air 10'6" Beach Inflatable board packages include
1 x Tahe SUP-YAK Air 10'6" Beach Board
1 x Adjustable Paddle
1 x Hi-Pressure Pump/Gauge
1 x Carry-All Backpack and Repair Kit

A Full-length comfort foam pad for full use of the entire deck, ideal for kids, pets, fitness, yoga and lounging.

The Boards Key Features:
Board thickness varied according to the intended function. The Beach SUP has 6" thickness on the rails and for better surfing performance and improved stability due to lower centre of gravity. The Ultra-light construction = easy to carry the reinforcements along the rails gives the board very efficient protection against abrasion.

The Tahe SUP-YAK Air 10'6" Beach Inflatable board
Length 10'6" x 34" or 320cm x 86cm
Weight 23lbs or 10.5kg
Boards Volume 325L

Maxim Riders Weight 300lbs or 135kg


Tahe SUP-YAK Air 10'6 Beach Stand up paddle board style 107233

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