Tahe Breeze FP Adjustable Stand Up Paddle 140-180cm lever-Lock adjustable SUP paddle is a great price paddle with a premium adjustment system.

Ideal for paddlers up to 5’6”/1.70m in height all the way down to under 4'/1.20m, yet still functional beyond this range. The Lever-Lock adjustment system keeps the shaft free of any bulky mechanisms by placing the adjustment mechanism in the T-Handle.

An elegant system typically reserved for more expensive paddles. A Carbon/Fiberglass shaft reduces weight and improves flex for higher performance compared to an aluminium shaft.

Tahe Breeze FP Adjustable Stand Up Paddle 140-180cm paddles are designed for exploring further from the shore in open waters and for paddlers looking for a light-weight, high-performance paddle at a value price. Carbon-Fibreglass shafts are paired with reinforced nylon blades for strength, light-weight and performance. The premium Lever-Lock adjustment system allows for a customized length with no bulky mechanism on the shaft to get in the way.

The design and performance of the Tahe Breeze FP Adjustable Stand Up Paddle 140-180cm blade is based on the three phases of an efficient paddle stroke: The Catch: Our blades are designed for a smooth entry into the water with a minimal splash or blade rotation during entry. This allows the blade to become firmly planted in the water for the second phase of the stroke.


Tahe Breeze FP Adjustabl Stand Up Paddle 140-180cm

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