The Tahe 10'6 Breeze Performer Inflatable SUP board style 107195 is a made for the shoreline and beyond. The Breeze

Performer Inflatable SUP series is a step up from the Beach range of SUP they feature lighter weight construction and higher performance designs. Made with ACE-TEC, they are light and more durable than the Breeze and feature high-density stringers on deck and hull for less flex and improved glide.

The Tahe 10'6" Breeze Performer iSUP comes with a Go-Pro mount on the front of the board

The Tahe Breeze 10'6" Inflatable board packages include
1 x Bic Tahe Breeze Performer Board 10'6"
1 x Adjustable Paddle
1 x Hi-Pressure Pump/Gauge
1 x Leash, Fin(s)
1 x Carry-All Backpack and Repair Kit

The Tahe Breeze Cross models are versatile, stable and perfect for fitness, families, yoga, fishing, and just about any other SUP activity. A unique keeled nose shape helps them cut easily through choppy water.

The Tahe Breeze Performer models are authentic surf-inspired shapes for flat-water cruising where surfing waves are part of the mix. These authentic best-sellers are nimble and easy to ride with excellent glide.

The Tahe Breeze Inflatables: the 10’6 Performer is ideal for surfing waves and cruising flat-water. Whereas the 11’ and 12’6 WING shapes are more suited to distance/excursion or fitness paddling thanks to longer water lines and a narrower width to increase speed.

Features a designated GoPro and camera mount.

The Tahe 10'6 Breeze Performer Inflatable SUP board is 
Length 10'6" x 33.0" or 320cm x 84cm
The boards Volume is 235L
The product's weight is 23lbs or 10.4kg

Max Rider weight is 235L t 200lbs  or 90kg


Tahe 10'6 Breeze Performer Inflatable SUP board. style 107195

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