The Salomon S PRO 120 men's ski boot in Black and Red available with heat-moldable shells. The S Pro boots feature Salomon’s heat-moldable, “seamless” liners, and all boots. The S/Pro 120 features a heat-moldable PU cuff and boot, and the boot has Salomon’s “Coreframe” fiberglass reinforcements around the midfoot. This tech is designed to increase rigidity without adding much weight and is a part of why Salomon can make the S/Pro boots so light.

The S/Pro line uses similar construction to their S/Max boots, which are quite light. The S/Max and S/Pro lines are part of a trend we’ve been seeing over the past few seasons — dedicated alpine / inbounds ski boots getting lighter. The new Salomon S/Pro line takes their new lightweight construction and applies it to a roomier, more comfort-oriented fit. 


Salomon S PRO 120 men's ski boots in Black and Red 28.5mp UK9/9.5

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