SALOMON DISTANCE 125 Snowblades with E M10 GW L90 Bindings

Range This one-size-for-all ski set  has been designed for playful skiers looking for a highly maneuverable ski to play on different parts of the mountain. A playful and short ski set for more fun around the resort.

Product Type Description (Alpine) Unisex All-Mountain Ski Package All-Mountain Benefits Fun A short, full CAP composite ski that adds a new level of fun to every run. Lightweight The lightweight construction makes this ski easy to maneuver even for lightweight skiers.  Norm : Adult

Waist Width : 76 - 88


SHAPE PROFILE : All-Terrain Rocker

TOPSHEET : Shark Piste 6/6 Powder 1/6

Primary Practice : Alpine Ski


SALOMON DISTANCE 125 Snowblades E M10 GW L90 Bindings

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