The Oakley Fall Line XM in Jasmine Dark Brush with Prizm Jade Iridium Lens is a new goggle for winter 19/20.

In skiing and snowboarding, taking the Fall Line refers to the line down a mountain that is most directly downhill. Inspired by the Line Miner and fusing the large field of view from a rimless goggle. Fall Line XM is the latest addition to Oakley's "Line Series" of cylindrical style snow goggles. 

With a medium sized fit, the Fall Line XM is optimized for a wide variety of faces and is engineered to fit perfectly with most helmets.

Oakley's Prizm lens technology offers enhanced colour clarity for detecting icy, packed and powder surfaces, whilst also improving the contrast for detecting snow contours, textures and obstacles.


Oakley Fall Line XM in oo7103-03 Jasmine Dark Brush with Prizm Jade Iridium Lens

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