The Head V-Shape V8 unleashes its true potential on well-groomed slopes: a super-light construction, yet still stable, with a smooth ride. You can feel you have a fun ski under your feet. Snap into those quick turns and you instantly realise just how responsive this ski is. It will help you take your technical skills to the next level, one turn at a time.

The PR 11 GW all-mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. It has a new heelpiece and is perfectly compatible for use with alpine and GripWalk ski boots.

RADIUS: 13,2 @ Length 170

SIDECUT: 130 / 75 / 112 @ Length 170

Our price includes mounting the bindings and adjusting the DIN values.


Head V-Shape V8 Skis with PR11 Bindings 156cm

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