The Head Supershape I.Magnum with PRD 12 bindings are for those skiers who are looking to turn speed into pleasure and go as fast as you want all day.

The Supershape series features Head's KERS technology to provide you with additional power and acceleration by stiffing the tail of your ski at the end of your turn. This is achieved through the use of Intellifibers which transform kinetic energy into electric energy which is stored in the embedded chip in the ski. At the end of the turn, the microchip releases this energy into the fibers of the tail. The tail of the ski stiffens, immediately increasing rebound for maximum acceleration at the end of the turn. 

The Supershape series also features ERA 3.0 S, taking innovations from Head's world cup race winning skis and making an aggressive ski with effortless handling, more control, and instant grip. 

The Supershape series has Head's Speed Rocker which is designed for great performance, easy turn initiation and high versatility on soft snow. It features 10% rocker and 90% camber turning the skis into a weapon of speed with power steering. 

The Supershape series has a Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction and an RD Race Structured UHM C Base, the same as in Head's world cup winning skis so you know these skis are going to be fast!

Sidecut: 131/72/110 @ Length 170cm 

Radius: 13.1 @ Length 170cm

Our price includes mounting the bindings and adjusting the DIN values.



Head Supershape I.Magnum skis with PRD 12 bindings in 177cm

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