The Head Kore 93 Skis with Attack 13 binding in 180cm is the solid lightweight ski for your freeriding adventures.

The Kore series is the most technically sophisticated freeride ski that Head has ever made. It features Graphene, the strongest, lightest material known to man which is fused into the Kore's tip and tail to make it lighter and more responsive in deep snow. 

At the heart of the Kore is Koroyd, a honeycomb shaped material which is super-light and incredibly elastic, it's strong and flexible, this is what makes the Kore special. 

The Kore's feature a Karuba wood core which is what gives the ski its pop and personality, its the perfect ratio of density of weight. 

By combining Karuba, Koroyd, and Graphene, Head has made a unique ski which is light and balanced, giving you incredible floatation whilst still giving you amazing control when the snow is firmer. 

The Kore series uses Head's Tip-Tail Rocker for more powerful freeriding. It features 30% rocker in the tip and 20% rocker in the tail for great float and freedom in the powder whilst still having 50% camber underfoot to give you plenty of grip and drive on the firmer snow. With this rocker profile, you really do only need one ski.

Sidecut: 133/93/115 @ Length 180cm

Radius: 16.4 @ Length 180cm

Length cm Shovel mm Waist mm Tail mm Radius m
153 124 87 108 13,0
162 127 89 110 14,0
171 130 91 113 15,4
180 133 93 115 16,4
189 136 95 117 17,6


Head Kore 93 Skis in 180cm

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