The Head Kore 87 Woman's with Attack 11 bindings in 162cm ski is so light, you could run up the mountain if you wanted to. The Kore W comes in a narrower waist option. With the same Topless Tech and Koroyd, graphene, carbon, and karuba layup that makes the bigger Kore's so incredibly good at such incredibly low weights, you can only imagine how light and nimble these little skis are. If you choose to tour on them, just make sure you can keep up with the skis as they might begin ascending the skin track without you. As you might expect from a fairly stiff ski with a tight sidecut radius, the Head Kore 87 W Skis are excellent in hard snow conditions, but thanks to their shape and construction, they can also handle the softer stuff better than anything this skinny has any business doing.


Head Kore 87 W ski in 162cm

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