The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 9'8" Inflatable SUP Board Only comes with

1 x Fanatic Fly Air Premium 9'8" iSUP Board
1 x 19.5cm RTM click fin and 2 x 6cm Fixed side Fins
1 x Power Pump HP8
1 x Premium Travel Bag
SKU: 13200-1132

The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 9'8" Inflatable SUP with Pure Paddle comes with iSUP 9'8" Board plus
1 x Aluminium Adjustable 3-Piece Paddle with anti-twist size 165>220cm

1 x Fanatic SUP leash black
SKU: 13200-1741

The Fanatic Pure paddle: is the perfect match for our entry level iSUPs and for anyone looking to get a good amount of bang for your buck! 15% Carbon/Composite shaft and solid 8” ABS blade, it’s light in your hands and handles the usual contact in the early stages with ease

The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 9'8" Inflatable SUP with C35 Paddle comes with 
iSUP 9'8" Board plus
1 x Carbon 35 Adjustable 3-Piece Paddle with anti-twist size 165>220cm
1 x Fanatic SUP leash black 
SKU: 13200-1732

The Fanatic Carbon 35: adjustable paddle with its matt finish 35% Carbon/Glass shaft and strong, ABS protected carbon composite blade is the top choice for any entry-level paddler ready to go from zero to hero. With the Union Joint system and a blade size of 7.25” your strokes are highly effective.

The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 9'8"
Is an inflatable SUPis for all-round use that everyone can enjoy. Easy and stable too use if you are looking for a classic board that can perform in everything from flat water to small waves then look no further. Highly portable, strong, stiff and durable, the Fly Air is the convenient answer to limited storage, city life and travellers’ demands. With a great mix of glide, stability and all-terrain versatility, the all-round outline and generous volume cater for those looking for an easy ride; while the side fins give great bite when riding small waves.

The Fly Air Premium boasts the best inflatable construction available on the market (DL Light), with an incredible stiffness to weight ratio. The Double Layer Light technology is our Premium construction. Featuring a second PVC layer, which is welded directly to the core layers and around the V-Drop Stitch material – the heart of each Fanatic Inflatable. Inflatable SUP Package additional third layer of coloured rail bands round off the highly durable and premium quality, with stylish optics of the deck print.

The benefits of the Double Layer Light construction, when compared to the standard Double Layer technology, is a 20 – 25 % reduction in weight, and around 25 – 30 % increase in stiffness. Simply the best inflatable technology out there! The all-round outline - great for beginners and advanced riders, from flat water to small waves.

The board also comes with a windsurfing mast foot insert, that is Integrated into the deck, a deck net to attach luggage, a Diamond grooved footpad for the ultimate grip and comfort, full deck/base quality printing and rail design for superior optics and a high quality towing eyelets and comfortable carrying handle.

The Wheely Premium Backpack:
with padded shoulder straps plus hip- and chest belts for effortless packing and transportation of the board and all accessories.

A Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for fast and comfortable inflation.

Recommended user weight up to 85kg


Fanatic Fly Air Premium 2021 9'8" Inflatable SUP

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