The Burton Ripcord 159cm Snowboard has Burton's Flat Top base profile which involves a flat, zero camber section between the feet and rocker sections outside, combined with a soft flex and Burton's Easy Bevel, a slightly convex base that lifts the edges off the snow.

These features allied with a soft flex make the ripcord incredibly forgiving of any errors and it difficult to catch and edge, allowing you to progress your technique without being painfully punished for any errors along the way.

The Burton Ripcord snowboard comes with the most durable FSC certified Fly 900G core which uses two different wood species in a full tip to tail core that is 10% lighter than previous cores but with greater strength to weight ratio.

This core also comes with tons of pop and a smooth consistent flex that you only get from full wood cores. Added to this is Squeezebox Low which profiles the core with thicker and thinner sections. This gives stiffer zones just outside the feet and thinner sections between the feet which gives the board a softer flex with more direct energy transfer meaning the Ripcord is super lively but incredibly easy to ride, aiding progression through better balance and improved board control.


Burton Ripcord Snowboard 159cm

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