So, what are the benefits of having your own snowboard vs hiring one?

Let’s breakdown the cost:

Hiring - the average price of snowboard rental across Europe from Intersport for a week is £160 (Dec 2019 - Feb 2020). There may be an additional insurance cost of £20 for a one-week rental.

Whereas buying - your own snowboard and bindings could set you back approx. £300 for a new board and £150 for new snowboard bindings total cost £450 (based Coyoti Snowboard 2019-2020). You have to consider the additional cost to get your snowboard to resort. When you fly this is around £30 but if you drive, as many more people are these days, or several holiday companies offer FREE snowboard transport if you book a package deal there is no additional cost. You then have the maintenance cost of approximately £20 for a wax and edge every year, so an additional cost of £50 a year. 

So, let’s compare hiring a snowboard vs buying your own.

Buying: If you keep your snowboard and bindings for 5 years then with the initial outlay, £450, and £50 a year on maintenance and carriage you’ve spent £700.

Hiring: If you hired a snowboard over the same period of time then you would have spent £800, possibly more.

Conclusion: If you buy your own snowboard and bindings that’s a £100 saving and you’d still be able to sell your old snowboard and bindings on eBay for around £100. Suddenly buying your own snowboard doesn’t seem so expensive and is actually quite cost-effective. 

Coyoti Snowboard Range Aug 2019

Along with the money that you’re saving you're getting a snowboard and bindings that have been selected based on your riding ability and style. Whether you like to carve around the whole mountain at speed, prefer to spend your time spinning in the park or perhaps you enjoy a mixture of both, there is a snowboard and bindings combination to suited you. At Coyoti ski & snowboard, we have an extensive range and our staff are passionate snowboarders and have ridden them all, you know when you come to discuss snowboards with us that we know what we’re talking about.

Hire Snowboards

The Board: If you've hired anything in the last few years you know a lot of the snowboards at hire centers are, to put it bluntly, trash. They perform nowhere near as well as one you can buy. They’re are designed to be indestructible, in order to do this they’re made with thick bases, edges and often bumpers on the tip and tail, all of this adds weight and stiffens the snowboard. When you buy your own snowboard it'll be much lighter and far more responsive, you’ll notice the difference between your own snowboard and the one you might hire straightaway. Every time you go snowboarding you’ll know exactly how your board reacts and everything will be set up for you. No more getting used to a new board, you’ll find that you’ll progress much quicker and will have an even better time whilst on the slopes. 

Toe side carve

The Bindings: Of course, a snowboard is useless without a set of bindings, hire bindings are designed to be quickly interchangeable with no tools. This often results in bindings that aren't as secure as they should be, small movements between the bindings and the snowboard can have a massive impact on your riding. Also if your boots dont correctly fit the snowboard binding you've hired they can damage you snowboard boot. When you come to buy your snowboard from us we’ll advise you on the most suitable binding for your board. We’ll then spend time with you setting everything up correctly, making sure your boot fits the binding correctly and that your stance is comfortable for you. We’ll give you advice on how to tweak your stance while you’re away so that you can get everything dialed-in perfectly. 

And lastly when you take your own snowboard on holiday then there's no more waiting for hours in the hire shop, you won't be rushing to take your hire snowboard back before the shop closes on the last day of your holiday. You just go straight out onto the slopes on the first morning and snowboard until the last lift closes on the last day basically you get more time to enjoy your snowboarding, who wouldn't want that. 

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