Ski boots for narrow feet

So, you think you might have narrow feet and you’re looking for a pair of ski boots?

Maybe you’ve always hired ski boots and they have always felt too big, they won’t hold your feet in place, or worse when you are skiing you can feel your feet moving around inside the boots, even if they are the correct size for you. Maybe you’ve had your feet measured before and know they’re narrow.

At Coyoti ski & snowboard we have a huge range of ski boots to suit everybody, we stock ski boots for women’s size 225MP to 275MP and for men we stock size 250MP to 320MP, we also offer up to 5 different widths of ski boots for women and 7 different widths of ski boots for men. (MP stands for Mondopoint, this is the actual size of your foot in millimeters, although some companies will offer a size conversion from MP to UK shoe size it’s never correct, it’s just like converting UK shoe size to European it never quite works out.)

Each ski boot company will design a range of boots to suit both different types of skiers and different width feet. It’s not a case that company A produces narrow boots whilst company B produces wide boots, they all make different models to suit different feet. Think of it like a car company producing a range of car models, each model is designed for a different person in mind. You might have a small car designed for city living, an SUV for the family and so on, each model then comes with different extras, some come with air-con, some come with built-in sat-nav, but although all car companies will make an SUV in their range no two SUV are the same. The same can be said about ski boots companies each offers different models and each model comes with different extras, but no two boots are the same.

That’s why Coyoti ski & snowboard stock ski boots from some of the largest companies in the industry, Salomon, Head, and Atomic. By carefully selecting our range of ski boots we are able to offer the largest and best selection of ski boots available, whether your male or female, a first-timer or you’ve been going for years, beginner or expert we’ll have a ski boot suitable for you. 

So if your feet are narrow, for men we might recommend a choice of the all NEW Head Nexo RS this has a width of 98mm in a size 265MP and offers a low volume boot great for narrower feet but we also might offer you the all NEW Salomon S/MAX, this also has a width of 98mm in a size 265MP but comes with slightly more volume in the instep.

Head Nexo LYT RS 120  Salomon S/MAX 120
Head Nexo LYT RS Salomon S/MAX 120


Or for women we might recommend the women’s version of the NEW Head Nexo, this ski boot is 96mm wide in a 265MP, but we also might recommend the women’s Salomon S/MAX W, which also is 96mm wide in a size 265MP.

Head Nexo LYT 80 RS W  Salomon S/MAX 90W
Head Nexo LYT 80 RS W Salomon S/MAX 90W


The choice will always be up to you, as what feels right for one person does not always feel right for the next, just remember no two ski boots are the same.

Just because you might choose a narrow fitting ski boot problems can still occur, heel lift is normally the biggest problem customers with narrow feet find. This is when your heel feels like they are lifting out of the ski boot slightly when you flex forward, this problem doesn’t always go away with the correct fitting ski boot. Don’t worry there are a number of ways this can be fixed, from correctional footbeds that help support your arch to specifically designed C bars that can be added to the ski boot liner adding more support to your ankle. If you feel this happening don’t worry the problem can be solved by someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to ski boot fitting.

Sidas Custom Footbeds

Please remember the above information is just a guide to give you some ideas, the most important thing is that you must have your feet measured correctly and analysed by a properly trained ski boot technician, someone who can suggest the right boot for your feet. Until you get a couple of boots on your feet you won’t know what works or doesn’t, after all, you are the only person who knows what they feel like…

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