Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ski Boot Questions.

Q : How long will my ski boot fit take?

A : We recommend that you allow yourself at least 1 and a half hours.

Q : Can I have my present ski boots adjusted to fit better?

A : Yes, we offer a customisation on ski and snowboard boots at an additional charge.

Q : If my old ski boots still fit well, should I change them?

A : Ski boot technology changes frequently, in the last few years ski boots have become considerably lighter, we are now able to offer ski boots that are fully customisable for your individual needs, so updating your ski boots could give you increased comfort or better performance.

Q : I’m a beginner skier / snowboarder would I get any benefit from owning my own boots?

A : Definitely, who wants to use hire boots?
We all want boots that are comfortable, a correctly fitted pair of ski boot or snowboarding boots can make or break your next holiday.

Q : My friend has Brand X and they think they are the best ski / snowboard boots ever. Are they?

A : All feet are different thats why manufactures make different styles and types of ski boots they vary in width, lenth and volume, thats why its so important to have your ski boots or snowboarding boots messured and fitted by a trained technician tailored to your specific feet shapes and sizes. Don't just leave it to chance.

Q : Will my ski boots immediately feel great?

A : No, they will need some bedding in. this is something our boot fitt technicians will go through with you. 

Q : How long can I expect my ski or snowboard boots to last?

 A : This is all depending on usage of your boots but as long as they are still comfortable and you don’t think you need a higher flex they could easily last 5 years+

Q : I only ski one week a year, is it still worth it buying my own ski or snowboarding boots?

A : The short answer is yes! A good fitting pair of ski or snowboarding boots will help to improve your connection to your skis or snowboard as well as being more comfortable. They will help top stop those irritating trips back to the rental store to find the right boot. Read more...

Q : What are the most common mistakes made when buying boots?

A : Purchasing a pair of boots based on colour or style, buying boots too big or the same as your UK size and not getting fitted by a trained boot fitter.