What to consider when buying ski boots

What to consider when buying ski boots

What should you consider when buying ski boots? 

Q: Why should people buying their own ski boots and not rent them?

A: We get ask this lot, there is nothing more important than having your own ski boots. They can be the difference between a good or bad holiday, and yet a large number of people every year end up buying the wrong pair.

The correct fitting ski boot can never be achieved straight out of the box

Q: Are all ski boots the same?

A: The simple answer is No!
Just like any footwear each manufacture designs their range with specific customers in mind; some are for narrow feet, some for wide or extra wide. That’s why a good ski boot technician is so important.  They will know their range, how each boot differs, who makes the widest, how narrow is the ankle area the little thing that makes all the difference.

Q: Why should I go to a professional ski boots fitter?

A: A good technician will help you choose the correct boot in the correct size for you, at Coyoti we realise the importance of a good ski boot technician so develop and train all our staff. We run extensive training courses and have numerous industry professionals visit our store regularly to run training sessions. This ensures all our guys understand every aspect of a new ski boot and how it fits within our range.

Our professional boot fitter will assess your foot shape and discuss your requirements to find boots with the right fit, flex and performance to suit your riding style and skills. We would say getting the right boots for your feet is important, something comfortable but provides you with the correct level of support and performance for your ability, there are many factors to consider

Q: How big a difference can ski boots make to a person’s skiing?

A:  Comfort is always number one, this is not just a matter of how they feel it directly relates to the amount of effort you have to use, less effort means less fatigue this can lead to more ski time or better skiing, especially important to anyone with known foot problems like bunions or fallen arches.

Who doesn’t want that?  

Warmth, many skiers complain about cold feet, often poor fitting boot restrict your blood supply, but you don’t need to suffer. A new pair of ski boot will be warmer thanks to better foam, more importantly a better fit, If you’ve been skiing for a long time you will see the benefits, you will actually ski better, turn better, have more control, you feel like a better skier. 

Q: When buying new ski boots, what should we look for?

A: Look for a shop with a good selection of boots, you will be asked plenty of questions so the technician can gauge your ability and experience, give honest answers this information helps the technician suggest appropriate boots. You should be offered a replacement insole with something designed to offer support, align and stabilize your feet and legs.

Over 80% of skiers could benefit from some form of supportive insole, we offer a wide range of both off the shelf correctional insoles and custom-made orthotics specific built for you these both eliminate potential painful areas in the boot while optimizing your body position

Q: If offered should I get my liners heat moulded?

A: It is especially useful for skiers, the benefit of having mouldable liners is that they can be heated and then shaped to your feet by a boot fitter to give a custom fit. Moulding also helps to speed up the breaking-in process.

Q: Do I need specialist foot-beds/insoles? 

A: While this can increase the cost, they’re designed to provide extra support, reduce fatigue, increase impact absorption and improve posture, making turning easier, so are worth the extra outlay. They’re particularly important for those who suffer from specific problems such as flat feet. 

Q: Is it worth getting fully customised ski boots? 

They’ll be much more comfortable. Expert fitters can customise or alter boots so they fit perfectly with no pressure points, by pushing out, grinding or cutting the shells, stretching the liners or adding foam inserts to cushion loose-fitting areas. The latest game-changing technology is fully thermo-mouldable shells, which can often be customised more quickly than traditional boots.

Q: What’s the difference between intermediate and expert ski boots? 

A: Expert boots are generally narrower in the fore foot have thinner, a firmer liner offers a more precise fit and better edge control and the ski boot tends to be stiffer. Although comfort is sacrificed a little, this can be improved as most ski boots now can be personalized by heated and shaped both the liner and the ski boots shell to your feet.

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