Why single-use bodyboards are bad for our environment.

Why single-use bodyboards are bad for our environment.

Cheap single-use bodyboards are evolving into a silent environmental disaster, there are continuously and increasingly dumped along our coastlines during summertime.

Every summer, hundreds of low-cost bodyboards are discarded across UK beaches, bought for under £20 these low-quality bodyboards are generally made from no more than two-inch thick polystyrene wrapped in a thin layer of nylon, they often display funny characters, colourful designs to attract our children, and sold anywhere from small seaside shops to big supermarkets chains, they are extremely fragile and easily break when only ridden for short periods. Often used for only one holiday, they end up broken in pieces, floating out to sea, or spread all over our cost line.

 In 2019 Croyde Beach in the non-governmental organization called Plastic Free North Devon (PFND) collected over 500 polystyrene boards in one season alone and are a threat to both human health and marine life.

There have been several reports of hundreds of theses bodyboard disposable across the UK’s beaches, theses reports reveal huge stacks of abandoned body boards retrieved by people who care about the safety of our beaches, and oceans.

So choose a bodyboard for life, why not invest in a quality bodyboard (a body board for life) that will last for several summers? There are many options available costing from £40 upwards. This may seem expensive but in the long-term, you'll be saving money and creating long-lasting memories with a board that allows you to explore our lovely UK beaches, but more important help our environment.  

Please think before you buy your next body board, don’t buy a single-use boogie boards - choose a durable body board and help protect our oceans for future generations.


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