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TechFeet at Coyoti the ski, snowboard and custom sports orthotic specialist

At TechFeet Coyoti the Ski, Snowboard and Custom Sports Orthotics Specialist in Cowbridge, near to Cardiff, South Wales we offer custom sports orthotics for ski boots, snowboard boots, running shoes, walking boots and hiking shoes together with a range of sports specific custom orthotics for people who enjoy a healthy active lifestyle, of all ages and abilities.

Although we don’t offer footwear for cyclists, golfers, tennis players, football and rugby players our experienced team will analyse your gait and biomechanics to advise and fit sports specific custom orthotics to your existing footwear. 

Correctly fitted footwear in conjunction with sports specific custom orthotics will help to optimise body positioning, maximise foot alignment, prevent recurring injuries, associated discomfort and therefore maximise performance.

All fittings services are on an appointment bases, please ring 01446 775778 to book your appointment.

At TechFeet at Coyoti the ski, snowboard and custom sports orthotics specialist in Cowbridge, near to Cardiff in South Wales we sell premium sports footwear for Skiing, Snowboarding, Running, Outdoor Walking in conjunction with specialist sports custom orthotic. 

Custom Sports Orthotics Specialist TechFeet at Coyoti
  • Techfeet at Coyoti the Custom Sports Orthotic Specialist
  • Coyoti the ski, snowboard and Custom Sports Orthotic Specialist, The optimum fit for a pair of ski or snowboarding boots can never be achieved just off the shelf. To maximise both comfort and performance we recommend investing in our full TechFeet fitting service, combined with our Custom made Sports Orthotics.
  • Techfeet at Coyoti the Custom Sports Orthotic Specialist
  • Coyoti the Ski, Snowboard and Custom Sports Orthotic Specialist, either in the gym or on the road, preparing for your first 5k charity run or regularly attend a local gym fitness class. The correct footwear combined with our Sports Specific Custom Orthotics will help alleviate the stress placed on the body. This intern will help to optimise both body position and therefore maximise your performance.    
  • Techfeet at Coyoti the Custom Sports Orthotic Specialist
  • Coyoti Ski, Snowboard and Custom Sports Orthotics Specialist. Whether you a regularly walking the dog or enjoy spending your free time walking the Brecon Beacons. If you have problems getting comfortable footwear then you need to talk to a member of our TechFeet team. The correctly fitted footwear in conjunction with our Custom Sports Orthotics could be the answer. 

Custom Sports Orthotics @ TechFeet, Coyoti for Golf and Cycle

Custom Sports Orthotics from TechFeet at CoyotiGolf : Experienced golfers or just playing for fun, the use of Golf Custom Sports Orthotics has been proven to reduce fatigue, improve swing rotation and ultimately increase performance.

A resent investigation evaluated the effects of golf custom sports orthotic on golfers and their intervention on gait patterns and fatigue associated with 9 holes.

Method : The gait of each golfer was assessed before and after 9 holes of golf. Each subjects wore golf sports specific custom-made, flexible orthotics daily for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks their gait was reassessed. Fatigue was introduced by having participants complete 9-hole of golf before and after wearing golf sports specific custom-made, flexible orthotics. 

Parameters associated with gait (ie, stride length and pelvic rotation) were measured in all subjects before and after they used golf specific custom-fit, flexible orthotics.

The use of golf specific custom-fit, flexible orthotics in this study had a significant influence on the elements of gait measured in the investigation specifically, pelvic rotation and stride length. There was on average a increase in pelvic rotation of between 29% and 36%. There were concomitant changes in stride length after subjects had used the orthotics for just 6 weeks. In addition, use of these golf specific custom orthotics reduced the effects of fatigue associated with playing golf  they could thus improve the likelihood of more consistent performance, as a result of a more efficient gait pattern.

Custom Specific Sports Orthotics from TechFeet at CoyotiCycle : Power and stability are lost when cycling if your feet are unable to maintain a rigid form. Cycling Custom Specific Orthotics can help correct a persons biomechanical posture and redistribute foot pressure.

One of the biggest challenges to a cyclist’s performance is achieving the correct alignment and positioning of the  foot on the pedals, in relation to position of the knees and hips, while eliminating unwanted movement and lost energy. After thousands of pedal revolutions, faulty positioning can lead to knee injury, shin splints, foot pain, and hip discomfort.

Cycling shoes are designed with almost no arch support at all, the inside of most shoes are lined with simple foam-like inserts which do nothing to support the arch or address other issues such as forefoot pain, also common among cyclists. If the foot is resting on the bottom of the shoe without support, not only will it be uncomfortable, but the lack of support can lead to unnecessary motion of the feet, ankles, and knees; thus an inefficient pedal stroke.

The fitting of a cycling specific sport custom orthotic will assist in positioning the feet in the most neutral and efficient position so that energy and power will be optimised during pedal stroke, therefore  the likelihood of overuse injuries will be minimized.

All fittings services are on an appointment bases, please ring 01446 775778 to book your appointment.