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All services are on an appointment bases, please ring 01446 775778 to book your appointment.

TechFeet is based within the Coyoti store in Cowbridge, South Wales just west of Cardiff, a Premium Sports Footwear and Custom Orthotic Specialist.

We offer custom fitted ski boots, snowboard boots and running shoes, together with a range of sports specific custom orthotics for people who enjoy a healthy active lifestyle, of all ages and abilities.

To find out more about specific sports click on the images below.


Correctly fitted footwear in conjunction with sports specific custom orthotics will help to optimise body positioning, maximise foot alignment, prevent recurring injuries, associated discomfort and therefore maximise performance.


All Sports Specific custom orthotics are built in store by one of our highly trained staff.
The Sports Specific Custom Orthotics take approximately 30min. This a while you wait service. 

We operate a 4 stage fitting process which ensures the best fit and footwear solution possible.

gait and biomechanics analyseWe analyse our customers gait and biomechanics by evaluating their feet and lower body movements, we are then able to evaluate and identify movement patterns which enables us to identify likely problems that may lead to recurring injuries, discomfort and inhibited performance.

Image leftWe then take static and dynamic foot scans and create a 3D computerised image of a person’s feet. We can then examine and analyse the forces placed through their feet and choose the correct footwear and Sports Specific Custom Orthotics needed for increased support.

Image leftWe take a custom moulding of each foot , made using silicon vacuum technology. A TechFeet technician then creates perfect Sports Specific Custom Orthotics while you wait. We manufacture a wide range of unique orthotics for most sports from flexible running ones to rigid skiing orthotics all of which cushion impact, stabilise and guide your feet and evenly distributing pressure.

Image leftWe have an extensive range of Ski and Snowboarding Boots, as well as Running shoes in stock. Our highly trained footwear technicians will use all the information gathered above to select the right footwear for you depending on your sport, participation level. foot shape, foot type and biomechanical movement.

Although we don’t offer footwear for cyclists, golfers, tennis players, football and rugby players our experienced team are ale to advise and fit sports specific custom orthotics for all outdoor activities.

All services are on an appointment bases, please ring 01446 775778 to book your appointment.